Digital Media

With the rise of Digital Media and online Marketing is your social media and blogging being updated regularly, as well as being monitored? For a lot of SME’s this is often left without regular timely updates.
If not we are offering, to manage on your behalf,  posting on your digital media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) and to write regular blogs about your company, its services, new products and events.
Our aim is to develop unique strategies that set your company up for social media success. As well, our work can include support for your team to ensure their social media involvement is relevant, timely, and integrated with your other communications efforts.
As a company with professional photography skills the total digital media fix will include relevant high quality images to support your message.

Social Media Support

Social media is a way to engage and interact with customers and prospects, sharing your expertise and information while building relationships.  It allows you a platform to be creative with your business and your message.
With Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube becoming leading methods of sharing and receiving news and recommendations; it’s become increasingly necessary to have a presence.
Blogging with regular articles on your website or dedicated blog channel is important and gives you the option for keeping your customers up to date with your services, and your industry.


From start to finish, we help you create a cohesive virtual image across all platforms.
We help our clients’ set-up accounts with the social media platforms of their choice; ensuring that their message is clear, and branding is consistent.
We create custom Twitter profiles with lists and targeting for our clients’ market. We create personal and business Facebook pages and groups. We establish LinkedIn profiles and search for appropriate groups.
We will work with you to manage your existing blog channel or work with you to create from new.


We can review and improve on existing social media profiles, including user tutorials for entrepreneurs who want to become more effective and efficient with their accounts.
We analyse the effectiveness of content and timing, create a social media mission, and set-up a social media plan that will give them focus, and yield results.


For best results, social media requires regular interaction with a variety of content. Your profiles should be monitored for any comments in order to provide timely responses and encourage communication. We offer ongoing social media support and updating for our clients. This includes status updates, promotions, analytics, and comment review.
Of course, we HIGHLY encourage our clients to get involved in their own social media updates as well, this is truly the best way to build your business relationships and get results.


If this is an area that you need help with to meet your objectives, please get in touch